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April 03, 2020

We had a customer come in a couple of weeks ago from upstate New York, which is a couple of hundred miles from 112 Auto Sales.


They saw one of our vehicles online in our inventory. They came down, saw it, test drove it, bought it and wrote a great review on Google for us.


What is great is that in his review, he said the car was everything that we said it was. And that made me feel good because he trusted us. And he didn't have to do that.


There are a lot of dealers between where we are and a couple of hundred miles to upstate New York. So I feel good about that.


So, we help a lot of people all the time. It not just about getting them into a vehicle, it’s also about helping them repair their credit and get back on their feet. We’ve had people come in to their last payment--they're paying off their loan—and they're crying because of how good it feels. Good feelings.


What we like best about what we do


For me personally, I enjoy the challenge of selling a vehicle. I get a lot of satisfaction out of helping people who wouldn't be able to get one.


If it wasn’t for our buy-here pay-here program, they would be stuck without a car and without a way to improve their credit. They're on the basically un-bankable. They're here at 112 Auto Sales because nobody else can help them.


A lot of times our customers have tried to go to the new car stores--the franchise stores. When they come to us, they fill out an application and we pull their credit, we can see from the credit bureaus that they've been shopping all over the place and nobody can help them. But when they come in here, they’re driving. So we do a lot of a lot of that. It makes our day.


We’ve helped un-bankable customers get into a vehicle and fix their credit. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. In fact, a lot of times bad things happen to good people. And we're in a position that we can help them and give them good, dependable transportation and affordable financing.

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