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Just wanna give Nick Eagan a big shout out!! After going through a month long horror story with 112 Nissan (across the street) I met a nice guy like Nick who was willing to tell me the truth about the process of buying a car!! I'm a first time car buyer and its sad that a lot of the dealerships only wanna take your money and throw you into a car, not even having ... FINALIZED your loan. Nick was super honest about what kind of car he could get me into and what my payments would be. They treated my children like gold when I brought them into the office and everyone was just really friendly. I'm very happy with my new Honda Civic and think that 112 Auto Sales is Awesome!! If your looking for a car and don't have perfect credit...112 Auto Sales is the perfect place for you.
First let me explain something. Me and my boy friend went up and down 112 for a month straight dealing with multiple assholes at these dealerships who promise you the world. I dealt with straight lies, to people refusing to refund our deposit, to salesman playing more head games than a broken hearted teen. All my boyfriend wanted to find was a decent car..never in my ... life of car shopping have I dealt with this type of consumer abuse. Maybe we have dumb printed on our foreheads because they tried to play us like a game of monoply. So by the time we went to 112 Auto Sales we were both done with the whole experience. Nick came out to meet us..and I dont know if he saw the claws still out with used car salesman's dried blood on them from me ripping them a new a$$hole or not, but he was pleasant..honest..and was negotiable. Not only did he not pressure us into anything he was reasonable with the car getting view by a mechanic and didnt keep us there all day when we had our 4 month old with us. He also referred to himself as a "transportation specialist" and I felt that was both corny and true..since calling him a used car sales man, to me, is a deragotory term at this point. Turns out also about 20 years ago he sold my parents a car at a dealership in riverhead, and they also had a pleasant experience with him. So in the end my boy friend finally got his dream car, we had an amazing experience. Nick Egan is a marvel when it comes to dealing with. The man is a car saint. I may just send him a christmas card
Stephie Kegel & Johnne Jankus
I purchased my first car with 112 Auto in 2008 and it lasted until 2011 when due to wear and tear on an old vehicle and severe neglect from previous owners and, I admit it, my own negligence…I retired it to the car graveyard. I went to 112 Auto Sales again, after fully paying off my first car, and I purchased another car from them. This time, not because I had to, but ... because I wanted to. I had already paid off my previous loan, as I had earlier stated which would have given me the ability to go to another car dealership and get a car from them, but I chose to stay with 112 Auto. Here’s why- The company is sometimes a little chaotic, but they are growing, and continuously improving on things. For me that’s always a plus, a company that thinks they have no room or need for change and growth is a company to steer clear of. I see a lot of complaints about ‘shadiness” and “crooks” etc. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Most of the time the cars are cleaned and detailed for your pick up after purchase. If they aren’t chances are because it was a rushed sale, from the customer, or their detailer never showed up. They don’t send you away in an unsafe vehicle, as I have read in other posts. They make sure the car is inspected, and you are permitted to take it to a mechanic for your own peace of mind. They are up front if you ask the questions. They may not volunteer information, but I don’t know of one car dealership that does! They are honest, and they are family operated. Which makes them more concerned and dedicated to helping you. They offer terms even when you have bad credit, no credit, and will work with you if you have the willingness to work with them. I know from experience, if you give them attitude, you will get attitude. All the paperwork that seems like a hassle to fill out is for your benefit as well…that paperwork allows the loan to be approved, and that in turn makes a positive impact on your credit. Which is exactly what you need and want, and they deliver what they promise when it comes to that. Are they pricey? They are a used car dealership, all used car dealerships have mark-ups, it’s the nature of the business. 112 Auto has always been fair in pricing with me, and sometimes you can even negotiate terms. I can’t stress enough, what you put into them is what you get out of them. If you want a positive car buying experience, then approach it positively. If you act like it’s the worst encounter you’ll ever have, chances are you’ll prove yourself correct. I purchased my second car in 2011 and I still have it, drivable, and sturdy like it was the day it left the lot. They even went so far as to replace my radio with a really, REALLY nice stereo that wasn’t stock, so before you call them cheap- I can prove they are far from it. I didn’t always have a pleasant experience with them, but as time passed, their business changed, and so did my approach, and I can tell you I couldn’t be happier. I recommend 112 Auto strongly on here, and I do it all the time, for my friends who are in NY, and to my family when they need a new car. If I trust them with my friends and family, then you know the business has to be reputable. In my opinion this is the most honest review you can have, and I am an extremely satisfied and impressed customer who will remain loyal because they earned my loyalty.
Alysa Buchanan
Nick Eagan the absolute best salesman I have ever dealt with. Thank you so much for being a real down to earth person!!!! I called 112 auto sales and spoke to Nick about needing a car as mine had died. He assured me that he would find me a car. I went down to meet with Nick, he had already began running my credit, had cars picked out for me to look at. The first car ... he showed me was a 2008 nissan altima ( I fell in love with it!). Still I had to see more. Nick was patient and showed me more.Needless to say I bought the Altima!!! Nick said he could have it for me the next day, I told him I was working all day the next day> Long story short Nick got me in my car that day!!! Inspected, oil changed the works. Nick I will forever be thankful for all you did for me. Tom Sr. and Tom Jr. Thank you both as well. You are amazing people and I will be refer people to 112 auto for their car needs. Nick you made my day, week month Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!
I just want to say what a great experience that we had at 112 Auto Sales, Nick Egan was great!! He was great to work with, was very accommodating and the 2000 Infinity that we bought is awesome!!! We were treated great, my children were treated great (not like they were in the way, and Nick even wanted to make sure that my son loved the car!!!) This was by far the ... best experience that I have ever had buying a car, after being raked over the coals by another dealer, Nick made it happen, everything that he said happened, no surprises!! I got my car the same day, as we live quite far from his dealership, and we were in and out, and at same time did not feel rushed. I would recommend Nick Egan and 112 Auto Sales to anyone and everyone looking for a car.

Used Vehicles in Patchogue, NY

Getting yourself the used car that you deserve should be an easy process, and with 112 Auto Sales it really is. We will work with you to make sure that you are getting the used car that will fit perfectly into your life and into your lifestyle. We are located right in Patchogue and we are ready to give all of Long Island the used cars that you have been looking for. We do not leave you to fend for yourselves. We are here to fight for our customers and to create a no pressure casual environment where you can find the perfect high quality used vehicle for you and your family. We believe in the products that we provide here, and we have a wide selection so that you have options. With dozens of cars on our lot from cars to trucks and SUVs, we are sure to have at least one vehicle for everybody. From this convenient location we can easily work with customers from Holbrook, Medford, Islip, Shirley Mastic, and many other areas all throughout the South Shore on Long Island, but really people are always coming from miles around just to see the vehicles that we have on offer. It isn't just about the cars though. At 112 Auto Sales we have the staff that treats you right, and we even have a full service center to take care of your vehicle service woes. We make your used car buying experience simple and easy. Come to 112 Auto Sales in Patchogue and see everything that we can do for you and your automotive future.

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